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Céline (FR)

Céline is one of the most popular international DJs. She has played her sets at numerous marathons, festivals and encuentros all over Europe.

Céline aims to maintain the energy on the dancefloor while nurturing the emotions of the dancers with a nuanced selection of music from the late 20s to the 50s. A DJ with elegance, emotion and energy.

She plays with her heart, and is well known and loved by dancers all over Europe.

Céline runs the Pasionaria Milonguera Festival (in the south of France). She teaches tango, organizes events, and is very busy travelling as a highly sought-after DJ in Europe, mostly in Italy and France.

Her motivation: to keep intact the energy of the ball room in privileging the emotion of the group, and intimity of each dance.

 Dj Fred Romero

Fred is a frequent presence in milongas that are of tango milonguero type - which he teaches- for more than 10 years. He has a good knowledge of the dancefloor movement and the expectations of the dancers. His musicalization is of classical and traditional form and the passion that gives the energy to the milonga with a brilliant selection of cortinas that are sometimes compromised ones.

The excellence of its musical selection takes more and more organizers of encuentro milongueros to request his abilities.

 Dj Kaja Keil (EE)

Kaja thinks of herself as a pure social tango dancer and from time to time as hobby DJ. She started learning Argentinian tango naturally and spontaneously while living in Buenos Aires for a longer period of time, where she found herself suddenly in the era of ladies and gentlemen of the 20s/30s – a period where her soul always seemed to belong. A Moveable Feast!

As a tango DJ, Kaja trusts her inner voice and tries to create a particular and special atmosphere for every single milonga, considering the mood of the dancers at the pista at a given moment in time. She also carefully selects her cortinas, which have to support the whole structure of the evening. Telling stories with her music and maybe not being too sophisticated. Her favourite orchestras keep changing, but she favours the classical build-up of a milonga, starting from simple rhythms with good energy and reaching to the dramatic and melancholic moments, thus leading the dancers through a kaleidoscope of emotions throughout the evening.

Milonga Codes

In the Dancefloor

Outside the dancefloor and invitations to dance

Respecting these codes and you will be able to enjoy truthfully and deeply the milongas.

Associação Promotora de Tango Social
Largo Fontainhas Nº 19 - Alcântara LISBOA,

+351  915131234   / +351 966434469

Location and contacts

I see the DJ as a dancer that is present in the milonga as I believe that it is a good way for having a musical selection based on the empathy with the milongueros and adjusted to the energy of the milonga.

I give special attention to the "cortinas" as a creative possibility, which, without overlaying Tango, can help to maintain the energy, calm down, serve as a transition, suggest the next "tanda"...

I regard has main principle the danceability of the themes because I believe that it is in the tune with the music that we all can live a richer Tango experience.

 Dj Gato Milongueiro (Pt)

It's a huge privilege for me to prepare and care for the milonga DJing – after all, it's all about the hard and demanding care needed for all the "milongueros" of the ball room...

...y siga el Tango!

"Patrícia was born in the city of Porto (Portugal) and discoverd tango in 2005. Five years later she began Djing in milongas. As a milonguera she believes in the impact that music can produce in the dance/milonga and, ins this sense, while she is Djing, tries to enfatize the orquestras that, is her own view, allow the dancefloor to keep its proper order and that also create a unique feeling of sharing between milongueros that, in that moment and space can (re)find themselves.

She also organizes the encontro milonguero Ensueños.

 Dj Patrícia Santos (Pt)

Dj Silêncio (Pt)

For me, djing is an art of caring about what drives us to dance – the music.

This task takes anyone that wishes to do it well to study all his life.

I expect a tango dj to have the ability to put himself in the place of everyone in the dancefloor (and in the milonga) and, therefore, chose with coherence, focus on the dancefloor, intelligence, altruism and intuition.

I choose carefully each musical piece and try to find, among the variety of the “musical emotions” the ones that best harmonizes with each “milonguero”.

I start with the “spirit of each Orquestra Tipica” and, with each dancer, I aim to choose and contribute so that each and every single one present in the milonga can live a beautiful and happy experience.

To Dj in traditional milongas an Encuentros milongueros is a responsibility I treasure because with “milongueros” giving deep importance to the love for the embrace and (the interpretation) of the music. Also due to this the milonga is, already, closer to the feeling of “a dance heaven”

Go to inscription form

(available on October 11th at 21h(Portugal time)/ 22h (rest of the Europe))

Please read it carefully:

We have thought about the most fair and transparent  way to accept the inscriptions and we want to share it with all the participants. Here are the principles that will guide us in dealing with the inscriptions:

1) The first aspect is related to the main point of an encuentro milongueiro: It is important that all the participants really feel comfortable and enjoy dancing in close embrace and respect the milonguero codes, both in the way of inviting and also in the way of entering and moving in the dance floor, with all the care and respect by all.

2)  Considering it is an encuentro, where intensity grows as we live it and share it, our presence is also very important to maximize the possibility of the experience to be even deeper. Due to that, we give attention to the participants registering to the full event of milongas.

3) Due to the gender balance importance and the concern of having the same number of leaders and followers so that we can all enjoy the encuentro experience at its best. Registration in couples is not mandatory. We recommend that in any registration in couple, both elements fully respect the previous points.

4)  A Promotora is not a close event for friends only. Friends are essential and naturally welcome, but we always seek to give to new friends the opportunity to share the intensity of these days with us.

5)  Finally, the order of inscriptions is a factor that we respect and consider as a form of sequencing the participants after considering the previous principles.

Therefore, in order to have the maximum transparency in this process and to prevent all the participants from feeling hurt or disrespected we will follow these principles as we believe this is the best way we found to give everyone the same care, respect and consideration.

The team of the Encuentro A Promotora,

Silencio Azul, Teresa Eusébio, André Pires e Markus Kruse

Pack Milongas (24 to 27 of february): 95€

Additional Milonga (february  28): 10€

Saturday Dinner: 22€

Monday Lunch: 22€


André Pires (PT)

The DJs Encontro Milongueiro 2017 Page 31 Page 32 Page 30 Inscription Program


22H00----22H30:  Reception and welcoming

22h30----03h00: Milonga with Dj André Pires


15H00----19H00: Milonga with  Dj Gato Milongueiro

20h00-----22h00: Dinner

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj Patrícia Santos


15H00----19H00: Milonga with Dj Silencio

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj Céline Deveze


13h00-----15h00: Lunch

15H00----21H00: Milonga with Dj Fred Romero



20h00-----00h00: Milonga with Dj Kaja Keil

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