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22H00----22H30: Reception and welcoming

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj. Lua


15H00----19H00: Milonga with Dj. Céline Deveze

20h00-----22h00: Dinner

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj. Dario Viri



15H00----19H00: Milonga with Dj. Silencio

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj. Philippe Gonella



13h00-----15h00: Lunch

15H00----19H00: Milonga with Dj Gato Milongueiro

19H00----23H00: Milonga with Dj Damian Boggio

SPEP . Sociedade Promotora de Educação Popular



Pastéis de Belém






Gato Milongueiro



Vasco Avillez e Ines Mendes

Os DJs

Student of Communication Sciences at the Universidade de Buenos Aires (never graduated).

He started working in tango, in the '90s while he was still a music student at the Conservatorio Municipal  "Manuel de Falla" in Buenos Aires.

Musician and composer. Since 1999 he plays music and organizes milongas. He is tango DJ in historical  milongas  such as "Salón Canning", "La National," "El Beso", "Porteño u bailarín", "C.I.T.A. 2002 - 2003 - 2004", "la noche de Carlos Gavito", "Plaza Dorrego" between 2000 and 2006. Since 2006 he organizes its "Mina Milonga" in Parakultural - Salón Canning, every Tuesday with the best dancers and live bands. Since 2004, he is Tango DJ in the most important milongas and tango festivals in Europe and since 2007 he also plays music in Asia. He is a member of the Orchestra "LA TÍPICA MINA", that was invited to play in Italy in 2009.

Currently touring Europe and Asia as a Tango DJ in Festivals and in Milongas with his old vinyl Tango records

Historia, photos and videos

 Dj Lua (It)

DJ Lua is organizing the "Peña Milonguera," as a project of the "Grupo Intercambiando Tangos Lisboa" that joins tango and Argentine folk dances. Between 2011 and 2012, was guest DJ in  Practica-Off (Tango LAB Lisboa), in Milonga a Promotora,  in Tango-na-Rua and in the Practica in the "Academia de Susana Miller y Maria Plazaola " in the famous "El Beso" in Buenos Aires.

 Dj Céline Deveze (Fr)

Céline runs the Pasionaria Milonguera Festival (in the south of France). She teaches tango, organizes events, and is very busy travelling as a highly sought-after DJ in Europe, mostly in Italy and France.

Her motivation: to keep intact the energy of the ball room in privileging the emotion of the group, and intimity of each dance.

Dj Silêncio (Pt)

“Acredito que cada Milonga tem uma identidade e energia própria e que o musicalizador tem um papel decisivo no rumo da pista de baile e, consequentemente, na felicidade de todos os seus participantes. Procuro ler a cada instante a energia e emoções da pista e adequar as minhas escolhas musicais a cada situação, sem nunca comprometer a tradição rioplatense. O desafio é retirar de cada orquestra típica a emoção mais favorável à milonga.

Sou um dos organizadores da Milonga a Promotora, onde sou um dos Djs residentes. Sinto que a música tem um papel crucial no bem-estar de cada ser humano."

Como professor de tango para crianças e adultos, entendo que a música tem um papel crucial na evolução dos alunos.

 Dj Dario Viri (It)

Dario plays the Fiddler in the"Orchestra Silencio" and, as a musician and also as a DJ, he participates in festivals and encuentrosin various places in Europe such as London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon, Lyon and Tarbes and also in many of the most famous milongas throughout Europe. His style as a Dj is classic-traditional, always respecting the rioplatense tradition, the quality of the tangos and the ones that are better to dance.  Their favorite orchestras to dance are D'Arienzo, Di Sarli and Troilo.

 Dj Philippe Gonella (Fr)  

My name is "El gitango" because I consider myself as a wanderer milonguero, who teaches, organizes Milonguero Meetings, DJs, and all this for one reason only: I love the Tango.

I describe the music I DJ as simple and very danceable - most of it from the Golden Age, with their respective singers, since poetry and lyrics give Tango a whole other meaning.

Seeking with all my heart to feel and trace the energy of the dance floor, what we also call the famous "blue note".

 Dj Damian Boggio  (Ar)  (Pt)

The tango was, and still is, a music that inspires bonds between people and cultures.

Each milonga is different. Each tanda tells a story. Each song is a net of experiences.

 Dj Gato Milongueiro (Pt)

It's a huge privilege for me to prepare and care for the milonga DJing – after all, it's all about the hard and demanding care needed for all the "milongueros" of the ball room...

                                                                                  ...y siga el Tango!

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