Os DJs Encontro Milongueiro 2015

 Dj Gato Milongueiro (Pt)

It's a huge privilege for me to prepare and care for the milonga DJing – after all, it's all about the hard and demanding care needed for all the "milongueros" of the ball room...

...y siga el Tango!

Dj Silêncio (Pt)

I believe that each Milonga has its own identity and that the Dj has a crucial role in the course of the dance floor and, as a consequence, in the happiness of all its participants. I seek to feel throughout the milonga its energy and mood and choose the music that better fits each situation without compromising the rioplatense tradition. The challenge is to take the most accurate emotion out of each traditional orchestra.

I am one of the organizers of the Milonga A Promotora where I am one of its residents DJs.

As a tango teacher both of children and adults, I believe that the music has a crucial role in our evolution

 Dj Fred Romero

Fred is a frequent presence in milongas that are of tango milonguero type - which he teaches- for more than 10 years. He has a good knowledge of the dancefloor movement and the expectations of the dancers. His musicalization is of classical and traditional form and the passion that gives the energy to the milonga with a brilliant selection of cortinas that are sometimes compromised ones.

The excellence of its musical selection takes more and more organizers of encuentro milongueros to request his abilities.

 Dj Philippe Gonella (Fr)  

My name is "El gitango" because I consider myself as a wanderer milonguero, who teaches, organizes Milonguero Meetings, DJs, and all this for one reason only: I love the Tango.

I describe the music I DJ as simple and very danceable - most of it from the Golden Age, with their respective singers, since poetry and lyrics give Tango a whole other meaning.

Seeking with all my heart to feel and trace the energy of the dance floor, what we also call the famous "blue note".


Thursday, 5th February 2015

22H00----22H30: Reception and welcoming

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj. Christian Walker

Friday, 6th February 2015

15H00----19H00: Milonga with Dj. Philippe Gonella

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj. Gato Milongueiro


Saturday, 7th February 2015

15H00----19H00: Milonga with Dj. Silencio

20h00-----22h00: Dinner

22h30-----03h00: Milonga with Dj. Chamaco


Sunday, 8th February 2015

13h00-----15h00: Lunch

15H00----21H00: Milonga with Dj Fred Romero

 Dj Chamaco (It)

photo by Gaz Blanco

I started Djing in 2007, and little by little I have found my own style, mostly built upon a balance between rhythm-based and melody-based tandas. 90% of my selection comes from the 1935-1945 period (golden age), with a few excursion into the 1930-35 period. After many Years of djing in all sorts of milongas and international events, I have developed my own approach to the dj's role. I think the DJ relates with the dancing crowd just like in a couple a leader relates with a follower: the DJ, just like a leader, has the privilege and the burden of proposing (without IMposing) something to the dancing crowd gaining little by little the trust of the follower (the dancing crowd). Just as a couple starts with simple steps, usually my evenings are mostly based upon the well-known orchestras from the golden age, and in the peak hours of a Milonga you'll rarely miss D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Biagi, Calò, Fresedo, Canaro and Troilo. So, just as I believe that a good dancer is not the one who shows off steps to the partner and the audience, I believe that a good dj is the one that uses with great moderation “unheard gems”, which, to me, are like spices: a little spice is good, it adds to the flavour, too much just covers the taste of the main food...

First of all, the music must be exceptionally good to dance! Especially no experiments  at the expense of the dancers! Since I do not master any instrument myself, I have always appreciated the Tango music on its possibilities to dance to it.

 Dj Christian Walker (De)

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